How to Avoid Locksmith Scams?

The locksmith scams target home, office and automotive owners when they are helpless — mostly in an emergency, needing immediate help.

To avoid hiring an unskilled worker or thief to resolve your locked-out problems, take time to research your company first. And just follow these tips prior to you hire:

Research the Locksmith Company

Before you contact anyone, do your complete research. If you’re locked outside your home, office or car, do not let the hurry of the condition stop you from doing the due diligence. Lots of scammers depend on victims not asking many questions or doing lots of digging. The web has made it simple to get information about a company prior to you do your business with them. So, before hiring any locksmith, check out their site or check BBB’s site for reviews about the company.

Ask for Quotes

When you contact a Somerville Locksmith company don’t forget to request for a quote. If the locksmith has different quotes listed on their site from what they provide you, this can be an immediate red flag. Moreover, if their quote is extremely low, it might be a locksmith scam, or it might be that they’re hiding other fee that they’ll charge you later on.

Ask About Their Location

When you contact the Locksmith Somerville Experts, ask where they’re located. If they work by phone only, request them for a residential address where you can locate them in the case that something goes wrong with the job they have done.

Be Aware of the Red Flags When Locksmith Comes

There are a few red flags on which you should pay attention to when your locksmith comes. A professional locksmith must come in a vehicle clearly marked with logo and company’s information with which they operate. They should behave very professionally. They must not ask for the money up front, and should not even ask you for paying in cash only.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable, you don’t get the work done properly, or if the locksmith shows threatening or unreasonable behavior, contact the police right away.

Find a Locksmith In Advance

Most of the people do not find a locksmith, until there is any locksmith emergency, but locating a locksmith prior to you need them, lets you verify their legitimacy. Inquire around to family, friends, or coworkers about the locksmiths that they hired and trust. Validate that the business really exists at the listed local address and go to talk to owner of the company. Always keep their contact number in your contacts list in your smartphone such that you could call them as quickly as you require them.

If you’ve Been Scammed, then Report It

In case you get scammed by any locksmith scammer, then report it to your local police and BBB. Inform people also so that they don’t get scammed too. Protect yourself as well as others from potential scams by sharing data on how to keep away from locksmith scams, and about which local locksmith is trustworthy.


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